About our cottage owners dogs…introducing Gracie at Hidden Gem!

This is Gracie, a basset fauve de Bretagne. She is the owner of (well she owns the owners!) Hidden Gem – one of our very dog friendly cottages in very dog friendly Winterton!  She is 11 years old and is one hell of an amazing little girl.

When her owners were getting Hidden Gem ready for guests in early 2017 she sadly and suddenly lost her sight due to a very rare condition called SARDS. This happened back at her home but she returned each weekend to Hidden Gem, not ever leaving her owners sight.

She was very confused at the time and of course her mum and dad and sister Bella were all very upset and confused too! However being a scent hound, Gracie decided that life would still carry on and would love to visit Winterton and the dunes, and all other places she had grown to know over the years.  She stayed at The Old Piggery back in 2014, so Sea Palling and  Happisburgh and Horsey are all places she recognises with her nose and ears and people recognise her! She had to do a lot of ‘marketing’ with her owners to check out dog friendly pubs and cafes locally – they are SO good at that! LOL!

Going back to Hidden Gem she settles well, she remembers and can feel the difference in textures with her paws so knows where the sofas are, the mats, the rugs, the tables and chairs and more importantly the the kitchen where she knows to find the food cupboard.

To all her friends that she smells when she returns, she thanks them all and wishes them all happy holidays at Hidden Gem with East Ruston Cottages!