Do we allow dogs on the bed? Yes, but with one rule!

Yes we allow dogs on beds with one simple rule, here's why!


Is it really dog friendly though? 

There's nothing worse than turning up at a 'dog friendly' property and finding a neatly typed out, printed, and laminated list of the rules for your dogs; no dogs on the sofa, no dogs upstairs and ABSOLUTELY no dogs on the bed.

Ahem - but what about in the bed? 

As our regular guests will know, our cottages have very few rules about our dog guests. We really do want you to feel like it's a home away from home, which means that if your dog sleeps on or in the bed with you, we don't want you to feel terrible about forcing them to sleep somewhere else whilst you are supposed to be having a nice relaxing holiday! A lot of our cottages are okay with dogs on or in the bed, but with one simple rule....

Eyes and ears of a whippet visable above a duvet cover

One rule to rule them all!

Quite simply, we ask you to bring your own bed linen if you'd like to have your dog in or on the bed with you. That's it!

But why??

Mainly, it's down to the cost and time. Because we are so close to the coast, it's inevitable that dogs can come back wet, or the fact that some dogs are just very hairy, it means that we may have to wash the bed linen twice, and one of the most effective ways to get dog hair out of sheets is to tumble dry it which we try not to do because of not only cost to us, but the cost to the environment. By not having to spend twice the amount of time washing bedclothes, it means we can spend more time on making sure you have the very best dog friendly holiday you can!

If you have any questions at all about where to go with your dog in Norfolk, which cottages allow dogs on or in the bed, or anything else that's on your mind about booking a dog friendly holiday with us, just drop me an email at