We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer cancellation insurance now, built into ALL of our new bookings!

This means that if you book a holiday with us and you need to cancel for ANY reason (apart from war, terrorism or nuclear events), we will be able to refund the money paid for your holiday in full.  No claims forms, no questions asked.  With so much anxiety and stress and various big holiday companies not giving refunds and generally giving the business a bad name I am SO pleased we can stand out and offer this for our guests reassurance.  It's underwritten by Lloyds of London so it is very secure.  I have DOUBLE checked that it will cover any COVID19 cancellations and it does!  You can cancel a booking any time between 60 and 2 days of your arrival and get the refund.

There is a lot more detail on our Terms and Conditions page.

You do need to pay the 25% deposit within 3 days of booking.
The booking fee is the only part that isn't covered.

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