Hot tubs on your dog friendly holiday!

Why Hot Tubs are so, well… Hot !!

The Walnut hot tub
The Walnut, Happisburgh – the hot tub lit up at night

When it comes to seeking out those little pleasures in life, a hot tub appears to be near the top of the list. They certainly were during the height of lockdown in summer 2020, with sales soaring by a staggering 1080%! 

If we love having one in our back garden (some studies suggest one in 10 of us are the lucky owners of a hot tub) then, of course, we want one when we go on holiday too.  

Health benefits of a hot tub 

After all, a hot tub provides us with many of the benefits we go on holiday for. For instance, they’re proven to relax us – all those hot bubbles soothing away the tensions of the day. Add some soft music and low lighting for added bliss. Then there is the warm water and massaging action of the jets in the hot tub which can help relax tense muscles, along with various aches and pains. Certainly, those with arthritis often benefit, especially since the water takes the weight off joints and improves flexibility. 

It can even have heart and blood pressure benefits @Healthline: “According to a 2016 study, hot water immersion may have “robust” effects on vascular function and blood pressure. The authors of the study suggested that passive heat therapy may help reduce cardiovascular risk and mortality, especially among those with limited ability to exercise. 

‘Earlier research found that immersion in a hot tub for 10 minutes may lower blood pressure and is likely safe for most people with treated high blood pressure.” 

All that relaxing inevitably leads to better sleep. One particular study showed the increase in body temperature that hot tubs provided led to better sleep for women suffering from insomnia.– and sleeping soundly is something we all hope for on holiday. This is especially the case when we go on a dog walking holiday in a coastal resort such as here in Norfolk.  

And, on that note, here at East Ruston Cottages three of our cottages have hot tubs onsite while Manor Barn – offers hot tub hire. If you would like to book one of our cottages and hire a hot, just ask us to see if it will be suitable. We work closely with Norfolk Spa & Leisure for safe and easy hot tub hire.  

Where to find our cottages with hot tubs 

One of the cottages where you can relax outdoors in both summer or winter, is The Walnut at Happisburgh Common where the warm water more than makes up for the chill of those wintery nights in particular. The tub sits five people and there is a resident rubber duck (beautifully displayed in the accompanying image). You can relax in the bubbles and look out for buzzards, deer and owls in the surrounding fields. 

The hot tub at Seaview Cottage in Bacton is near enough to the beach to allow you to listen to the waves skimming over the pebbles. That lovely swishing sound must surely double the soothing effects of the hot tub.  With the house sleeping 8, you might be having to take turns in the hot tub. And all your dogs (yes all of them – Seaview Cottage welcomes unlimited dogs for free – can be outside with you in the totally secure garden)

Misty Meadow in Hickling (in the middle of the famous and wonderful Norfolk Broads) is a huge house, sleeping up to 12 , and offering a 6 person hot tub. It’s set up in that huge garden, under a pergola and completely private. Misty Meadow also welcomes an unlimited number of dogs, which translated, means ‘feel free to bring your entire four-legged pack, if you like.’ 

Our owners know how important it is to keep their hot tubs squeaky clean so they refill for each booking (as you would expect) which means that you might not have the fully hot water on the first night but after that, get dipping!