I asked our lovely guests if they wanted to blog on here and this is what we got!

Our Barn

Do you ever go somewhere and feel right at home?  It’s almost like you belong there and you are drawn to go back.

Well I am lucky enough to have that feeling with Milestone Barn.  My friend Hilary and I stayed there for the first time this past July.  The minute I unlocked the door and walked inside I felt at home.  We had five dogs between us.  Four Greyhounds and a Pointer who I am sure thinks she’s a Greyhound.  The Greyhounds don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise:)  The dogs made themselves at home as quickly as we did.

Since being back home, I’ve been looking at the other properties and I’m sure we will try out some of the others.  We have already booked Rooster Barn for March, 2019.  We booked Milestone Barn before we left and are so looking forward to going back October, 2019.  I’ll actually be visiting Milestone Barn in April, as friends have booked it.  Then other friends have booked Hidden Gem in June.

Whilst I know we will enjoy any of the properties, Milestone Barn is now affectionately referred to as ‘Our’ barn:) LOL