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Would you like to join us?

Have you got a dog friendly holiday property near the coast in Norfolk that you are letting out?  Is it doing well for you?  Is it easy to get the bookings or are you struggling with the different listing sites and their rules and restrictions?  Does Facebook confuse you?  Is Air B&B messing with your head?!  Do you live in fear of a double booking?  Or in fear of not getting bookings?!  Are you buying one or doing one up and don't really know where to start with getting the bookings (and some money back to pay for all that work!)

If so, I know we could help you get better bookings much more easily or start you off!

What do we do?

What we do is very simple - we list our owners' properties on our website and then market directly to dog owners from around the country.  We do the marketing via the website and social media, the advertising, handle the money, send out all the emails, keep track of the bookings, sort the GDPR stuff, chat with the guests before and after their holiday, get the reviews and feedback and for this we charge a commission fee that is way lower than many of the larger, less personal agencies!
(LOTS more details about all of this if you are interested in joining us!)
Take a look at our popular and active Facebook page too see one of our most popular booking sources.

What do we want you to do?

What we ask of our owners is also very simple - be prepared to not just accept, but to positively welcome, 4 dogs.  If you want to welcome more then that is absolutely fine by us!  Some of our most popular properties regularly have 6 upwards to stay.....and do you know what, they cause WAY less mess than children!?  Over and over again I have owners join us who want to limit the numbers to just 2 or 3 but who soon learn that being able to offer properly dog welcoming accommodation for the owners of 3+ dogs is very rewarding and much less scary than it sounds!

We have never charged for dogs.  We are perfectly happy for them to go on the sofas and make sure throws are provided for this.  We ask our owners to provide some dog equipment - like bowls, beds, and maybe some toys.  There isn't a list or a minimum requirement, but in our experience, the more you can think like a dog owner and provide what they might want, the better the feedback, goodwill and hopefully, bookings!

Dog owners love bringing their dogs to this part of Norfolk as it's so very dog friendly all along the coast! One of the most dog friendly parts of the country in our 'umble opinion!

Want to know about us?

East Ruston Cottage Limited has been offering properly dog friendly holiday accommodation in Norfolk for 11 years.  I'm Sue Allen, I run the company, and I have lived in Norfolk for over 30 years. For 20 of those I have had my own dogs, but you can read more in the About Us section of the website if you are interested!

I am very ably supported by Karen and Kerry - who do a fabulous job of the accounts and admin (Karen) and Marketing (Kerry).  Both are mums who work from home and Kerry has her own dogs too.  I love being able to support self employed women so they can work from home around their family lives rather than be tied to an office.

I know this part of Norfolk very, very well and can usually answer any of the questions that guests have about here.
I make sure I know all the ERC properties very well too - all of this helps answer the guests questions, like....

How secure is the garden?  My dog can jump 5ft+!
How big is the freezer?  I feed raw.
Are the pillows feather or non feather?
Where can I hire a boat that will take my dogs?
Is there a cafetiere/pizza cutter/loaf tin/egg slicer?
Can I borrow a crate for my dog to save me bringing one?
Where can I buy some home made dog treats?
Are there dogs next door as my dog is reactive?
My mum can't do stairs - is there a downstairs bedroom and loo?

And 100s more that I have answered over the years!
And if I can't I know someone who can!

How much can I get for my cottage bookings?

Each property is different but we do have a structure that we work within, taking into account all sorts of details...
Size/Number of bedrooms
Quality of accommodation
Dog friendliness
Extras and add ons that you can provide

I can certainly give you an idea but visiting the cottage is by far the best way of working out the prices!

Can I take my own bookings as well?

Absolutely.  Several of the cottages on the website currently are co-marketed with the owners getting bookings as well as us.  After all, the goal is to get the bookings in and get as many people to this part of Norfolk with their dogs to have a great holiday, support the local shops, cafes, pubs etc....and hopefully come back!  All we ask is that you make sure you let us know when you have your own bookings (or those from another source) so we avoid the hell that is double bookings!  This is really easy though with our bookings system - SuperControl.  You have your own personal log in where you can see all your bookings and here you can just with a few clicks, add your own bookings.  It's a great system, used very widely within the holiday lettings industry.

What if I live away?

Several of our owners live out of Norfolk (I know, such a shame - they are missing the best bit) but I have helped set them up with teams of local people to clean, do gardening, maintenance work and DIY, and all report back to them. I'm always happy to get you started, monitor how things are going and be on call for any problems.  And if you wanted to chat with any of them to find out how it is done, I know they would be happy to help!

So, if you want to know more about possibly adding YOUR Norfolk holiday home to the East Ruston Cottages list please do get in touch.  We can have a chat and take it from there!
01692 580364  or 077 6666 5684 or sue@eastrustoncottages.co.uk

Thanks for reading!