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Our Charities

As we all know, our four legged friends are so important to us here at East Ruston Cottages and we like to support in any way we can. Each booking made through our site sends a donation to one of our chosen charities. Every three months, we ask you which three charities we should support for that period. It's always so lovely to read all your comments and suggestions, but making the decision is never an easy one!

The three chosen charities for February, March and April are:

Arundawn Dog Rescue

Arundawn Dog Rescue is based near Horsham, West Sussex. They mainly focus on providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for council pound strays who have served their obligatory 7 days and are facing euthanasia, through no fault of their own. They work with dog wardens, the police and other rescues to assess dogs in need and ensure that they find the right home for their temperament, energy levels and breed.

Save Our Spaniels

Save Our Spaniels are a UK based registered Charity specifically set up to help spaniels and bretons that have been abandoned, dumped or relinquished to perreras (kill stations) and shelters across the world, with a view to finding them loving homes in the UK. SOS want to help as many spaniels and Bretons as humanly possible with their limited resources. With 800,000 strays in Spain, they touch the tip of the iceberg, but aim to help 20% of the abused dogs that we are asked to help. More fosterers, more resources and more funds will allow them to help many more.

Yarmouth Greyhound Home Finders

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders believe that greyhounds make wonderful pets. They work to ensure they have a good life following their racing career. 

Previous Quarter


We took 271 bookings in November, December and January which means we have £1084 to share out. We have already donated £120 of that to the charities that were nominated in our Valentine Day dog show meaning we have £964 left to share - £320 for each of these truly desering charities:

Hound From The Pound

Yellow Dog UK

Holbrook Animal Rescue


Charities we have supported


East Ruston Cottages are so proud to give this list of charities we have been able to support in the past thanks to all your generous donations!

Spaniel Aid UK is a group of Cocker and English Springer Spaniel owners and lovers who have become increasingly concerned by the number of these wonderful dogs being offered for sale or even worse, free to a good home, on internet selling sites.  

For The Love Of Our Frenchies is a small UK based French Bulldog charity with a big heart.

Freedom Angels Animal Rescue (FAAR)was born out of desperate need to support lone animal rescuers, primarily in Cyprus and Romania.

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue is a small local non-profit organisation whose main aim is finding caring people to regime Irish greyhounds - ex racers and also those who never made it tot the track.

Cloud K9 Rescue's fundamental mission is to rescue and regime dogs who are in desperate need of our help and assistance, from a country which due to its political history and cultural and economic refusal to neuter and spay routinely, has an out of control stray dog population.

MuffinPug Rescue are a breed specific charity based in the UK, actively rescuing pugs and pug crosses in need wherever they may be. They seek to end the suffering of pugs being exploited or neglected, and spay, neuter and promote healthy living for rescue pugs.

Greyhound Gap  is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a 'put to sleep' situation in UK pounds. Funded almost entirely by donations, they rehome around 150 dogs each year.

Safe Rescue are a nationwide rescue that takes in and rehomes dogs from the UK and abroad. They do their best to match dogs with adopters to create harmonious and settled home lives for all involved.. We also hope to pursue active campaigning on welfare issues as we grow and progress.

Forever Hounds Trust  are independent from the Greyhound Racing industry and receive no funding from the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. They rely on funds from individual supporters, voluntary fundraisers, legacies, and grants from Trusts and Foundations.

Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals.

Canine Partners mission is to help transform lives of people with disabilities through partnership with their specially trained assistance dogs. They work in partnership with Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion and other services organisations to provide assistance dogs for veterans and those wounded in service.

Doris Banham is a non profit organisation which has helped save over 15000 dogs by saving them from the council pound , nursing them back to health and help find them a loving forever home.

F.A.I.T.H Animal Rescue is locally based at Hickling. F.A.I.T.H is a progressive animal rescue centre, where animal welfare comes first. They believe that their mental health and well being are as important as their physical health.

Galgos Del Sol is a charity helping with abandoned galgos dogs in Spain. They are also intent of helping educate and tasing awareness of the poor animals which need our help.


We are so proud of being able to support all these worthwhile organisations and thank you all for your generous support