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As we all know, our four legged friends, our pups, fur-kids, our loves and companions are so important to us so here at East Ruston Cottages we like to support dog related charities and organisations through the business.  Sue is a huge supporter of rescue dogs - Ernie is a Romanian rescues and over the years all of her lurchers have come from rescues.  Many of the ERC owners are great rescue and charity supporters too.  So to be able to use the business to support dog charities and organisations is a no-brainer for us!

For each booking made through our site we put a donation to our charity 'pot'.  This used to be £4. That doesn't sound a lot but with so many properties and so many bookings (all with dogs!) it doesn't take long to add up to a good amount.  So, every so often, we tot up the total and then ask our social media followers which three or four charities they would like us to donate to.  However, with rescues struggling so much now and funds being even more needed, we have doubled that to £8 as of December 23rd 2022.

We also have a discount code for some charities and when we get a booking made with that code, we make a donation too!  If you are a follower of Lurcher Link, Greyhound Gap, Spaniel Aid, Forever Hounds or Angels Small Paws when you make a booking, make sure you know the discount code (the rescue can tell you) and then we will make our donation with pleasure.

Charities we have supported


East Ruston Cottages - dog friendly holiday cottages - are so pleased to have supported these charities and rescues.

One that we support year round:  Jan Burley, our fabulous local, hardworking biscuit maker (and ex ERC guest who moved here because she loved it so much!) runs Nero's Kitchen Biscuits.  Using human grade ingredients she bakes several different flavours and sells them from a stall outside her house and posts them out too.   All the profits go to support Elpida Shelter of Hope.  Most of our holiday cottage owners buy from her to give to our guests and many of our guests buy more stocks on holiday and carry on ordering them when they get home!

Boomerang's Pet Foodbank are here to help anyone struggling financially to feed their pets. They know that the price of pet food, along with everything else has risen significantly and know many pet owners are finding it harder to provide for their pets. They never want it to be the case that you have to share your human food with your pets, this isn't good for 'man nor beast' with neither getting the nutrition required. Nor do they want owners to go without, choosing to buy food for their pets and not for themselves, we know this happens but it needn't.

Streetvet is a multi award winning charity delivering free essential veterinary care and services to pets of people experiencing homelessness in multiple locations around the UK.

All Animal Rescue and Rehome are a non kill rescue that will take any animal in need of rescue - based in the South East.

Home Run Hounds are a West Midlands based charity specialising in finding homes for retired greyhounds. Currently the Centre has several hounds under its care and as funds and donations grow it is hoped to increase the number of hounds who need a home.

Pawprints Dog Rescue Since 2011 Pawprints Dog Rescue have been finding rescue spaces and transporting strays around the country to give them a chance of survival and of finding new families to care for them.

Dogs On The Streets -is a voluntary run not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the homeless. (chosen by our anonymous donator who very kindly added £400 to the pot)

Large Breed Dog Rescue Founded in 2004, the Large Breed Dog Rescue (LBDR) is a small charity who rescues and rehomes large and giant breed dogs. (Chosen by our George who has a beautiful Great Dane girl in her life).

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice and The Karass Sanctuary Alexis has turned a dilapidated farm in rural Scotland into a haven for animals to live out their last days in comfort and at peace. With the help of the local community, despite many challenges, the hospice came to life.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka are a UK registered charity, was founded on the vision of Kim Cooling, who after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka, particularly the strays, decided to take action to help them.

Broken Biscuits is a disabled animal advocacy organisation, seeking to remove barriers to these animals pursuing active and healthy lives. Too often their lives are put into question due to the circumstances surrounding them, rather than the injury that has occurred.

Islay Dog Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organisation operated by Lorraine Jardine and a dedicated band of volunteers from Glen Islay Farm, a small-holding near Cumnock, on the South-West Coast of Scotland.

Hectors Greyhound Rescue  are a dedicated group of volunteers who devote their time to saving the lives of ex-racing Greyhounds. All of their greyhounds are profiled by the carers who look after them when they come into rescue, and this means that we can work with you to find the right dog for you.

Border Collie Spot is a border collie-specific rescue centre.  During the course of more than 25 years, Gill White has saved hundreds of unwanted farm dogs from a life of neglect and often untold cruelty.  Today Gill’s network reaches right across the UK and Ireland too, where we work closely with Animals In Need of Donegal. No matter their size, shape, colour, condition, or how damaged they are, Gill will endeavour to find homes for all the collies that arrive at The Spot, no matter how long it takes.

Makants Greyhound Rescue The charity’s aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome retired and injured greyhounds but we also help find homes for greyhounds from individuals who can no longer provide the love and care they require.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue was established at the end of the end of 2016 and set loose on the General Public on 8th January 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Phoenix has a real family feel and we promote this within the Team too because although enthusiasm runs very high here, a work-life balance is important to us.

Save Our Spaniels are a UK based registered Charity specifically set up to help spaniels and bretons that have been abandoned, dumped or relinquished to perreras (kill stations) and shelters across the world, with a view to finding them loving homes in the UK.

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders believe that greyhounds make wonderful pets. They work to ensure they have a good life following their racing career. 

Bliss Cavalier Rescue  A registered charity in England (charity no 1193078) run by experienced Cavalier lovers. We treat every dog as an individual and will always find the best suited home for each one. The dog always comes first.

Rushton Dog Rescue During the many years Rushton has been operating thousands of dogs have been rescued, tens of thousands!  Along with horses, ducks, cats and the odd small/wild animal. Rushton try so hard not to turn away a animal in need and will always try and do everything in their power to get them to safety.

Lincs Doberman Rescue  We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming the beautiful Dobermann breed. We operate throughout the UK mainland, all our team donate time, effort, and expertise to ensure that no Dobie is left in need and that they all have a successful rescue and rehoming journey.

Arundawn Dog Rescue is based near Horsham, West Sussex. They mainly focus on providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for council pound strays who have served their obligatory 7 days and are facing euthanasia, through no fault of their own. They work with dog wardens, the police and other rescues to assess dogs in need and ensure that they find the right home for their temperament, energy levels and breed.

Hound From The Pound Hound from the Pound is a not-for-profit organisation, alleviating the suffering of dogs in the council stray kennels across Lincolnshire

Yellow Dog UK  The Yellow Dog campaign uses yellow leads, collars, coats, harnesses and more to bring awareness of anxious dogs that 'need space'.  We know how stressful it can be for a Yellow Dog and its owner when a social or off-lead dog approaches.  We believe that making the Yellow Ribbon an accepted representation throughout the UK will benefit everyone and make dog walking a more enjoyable, and safer experience for all, and in turn give your dog a better quality of life.

Holbrook Animal Rescue Founded around 26 years ago, Holbrook Animal Rescue was set up to help abandoned dogs and cats. We take in many different types of animal from different backgrounds. Unlike many other rescues our dogs aren't kept in kennels. They sleep in the house and are free to run and play in our garden and fields.

Spaniel Aid UK is a group of Cocker and English Springer Spaniel owners and lovers who have become increasingly concerned by the number of these wonderful dogs being offered for sale or even worse, free to a good home, on internet selling sites.  

For The Love Of Our Frenchies is a small UK based French Bulldog charity with a big heart.

Freedom Angels Animal Rescue (FAAR) was born out of desperate need to support lone animal rescuers, primarily in Cyprus and Romania.

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue is a small local non-profit organisation whose main aim is finding caring people to regime Irish greyhounds - ex racers and also those who never made it tot the track.

Cloud K9 Rescue's fundamental mission is to rescue and regime dogs who are in desperate need of our help and assistance, from a country which due to its political history and cultural and economic refusal to neuter and spay routinely, has an out of control stray dog population.

MuffinPug Rescue are a breed specific charity based in the UK, actively rescuing pugs and pug crosses in need wherever they may be. They seek to end the suffering of pugs being exploited or neglected, and spay, neuter and promote healthy living for rescue pugs.

Greyhound Gap  is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a 'put to sleep' situation in UK pounds. Funded almost entirely by donations, they rehome around 150 dogs each year.

Safe Rescue are a nationwide rescue that takes in and rehomes dogs from the UK and abroad. They do their best to match dogs with adopters to create harmonious and settled home lives for all involved.. We also hope to pursue active campaigning on welfare issues as we grow and progress.

Forever Hounds Trust  are independent from the Greyhound Racing industry and receive no funding from the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. They rely on funds from individual supporters, voluntary fundraisers, legacies, and grants from Trusts and Foundations.

Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals.

Canine Partners mission is to help transform lives of people with disabilities through partnership with their specially trained assistance dogs. They work in partnership with Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion and other services organisations to provide assistance dogs for veterans and those wounded in service.

Doris Banham is a non profit organisation which has helped save over 15000 dogs by saving them from the council pound , nursing them back to health and help find them a loving forever home.

F.A.I.T.H Animal Rescue is locally based at Hickling. F.A.I.T.H is a progressive animal rescue centre, where animal welfare comes first. They believe that their mental health and well being are as important as their physical health.  They have their own holiday property nearby - The Birches, in an amazing rural location near to Hickling Broad - which we let our via ERC to raise money for the rescue.

Galgos Del Sol is a charity helping with abandoned galgos dogs in Spain. They are also intent of helping educate and tasing awareness of the poor animals which need our help.

There have been many more over the 15 years we have been going but Sue can't remember them all!!


We are so proud of being able to support all these worthwhile organisations and thank you all for your generous support