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It's a Dogs Life...!

Dog friendly Norfolk Holidays

Norfolk is a very dog friendly county. Lots of open spaces, easy walking, very quiet sandy beaches with few restrictions and very little in the way of livestock.   We even have a couple of walks and dog friendly places to eat recommendations in the July issue of Your Dog magazine!

I have 4 dogs of my own and like to holiday with them in the UK. One of the hardest parts of this is finding somewhere that is genuinely dog welcoming not just dog tolerant!

So, with dog owners like me in mind, I set out to provide genuinely dog friendly accommodation in this part of our dog friendly county!

You can come with one or two or bring the whole pack and you will find that all the properties are PROPERLY dog welcoming!


NONE! There are no charges for dogs in any of the properties and there never will be. We don't charge for grandparents or for children (though it's sometimes tempting....!!) so why would we charge for other members of your 'family'?

Doggy Provisions

Each property is different but you can expect to find some or all of the following. If you would like to find out exactly what is supplied at each property, either look at the website page or email

  • home made dog biscuits (mostly from Nero's Kitchen)
  • temporary holiday collars and/or tags
  • dog bed(s)
  • dog towels
  • spare bowls
  • throws for the furniture
  • dog crate or loan of crate(s) Large (30" x 48"), medium (38" x 24") or small (terrier size)
  • an enclosed outside area (a description on each property page - always happy to provide more detail)
  • outside hose for washing down muddy dogs if needed (and now warm showers in several of the properties!)
  • poo bags/toys/even first aid kits for dogs in some cottages!

Doggy Day Care

In many of the houses you are more than welcome to leave your dogs when you go out - IF you can be sure they will not be stressed and will settle. In the houses where this is not possible we can highly recommend this local doggy day care service.
Another service providing care is Anglia Pet Services.   And if you want to speak to Suzi who is the housekeeper for Red Roofs, she is a fully insured dog sitter, walker and boarder.  Contact her on 01692 581375.

And, if you get stuck, ask me, Sue!  I am always very happy to come and cuddle your dogs while you go out in exchange for a cup of tea or two. Or you can get in touch with this lovely lady, who will come sit with the doggies while you head out for a while or at the very least, come fuss them regularly ..



Useful Stuff

There are vet practices at Stalham (with an out of hours service), North Walsham (shares out of hours with the Stalham vet), Wroxham, Acle and Great Yarmouth. Each holiday property should have cards with vet numbers on that you can tuck in a bag or pocket when you go out. Or if you want to be sure, email me before your stay and I will send you all the details.

Raw Feeding:
If you feed your dog raw food you can find supplies of frozen mince at the Broadland Angling and Pet Supplies in Stalham and Kisi, just outside of North Walsham. Worth a visit for their lovely range of collars, leads and harnesses. The pet shop in North Walsham town centre also sells raw mince frozen packs. Most of the properties have a large enough freezer to store supplies and where they don't, it may be possible that the owners' freezer can be used. Please do just ask us for details.

Another option we have recently discovered is the Raw Dog Food Company, based in Norfolk, just outside of Norwich. They deliver (certain days only - best to check on website) or you can collect from them. A huge range of great foods!

There are also very good local butchers in Stalham, Sea Palling, Martham and North Walsham for mince, bones, offal etc.

Celebrating a special birthday for one of your dogs while you are here? What  about a doggy birthday cake?!  Give lovely Lindsay a call on 01692 536013 and she can make one for you.


Dogs are allowed on most of the local sandy beaches all year round but there are restrictions on a few of them, 1 May - 1 October. This NNDC Dogs On Beaches leaflet explains which ones and how far the restricted area extends and this Explore Norfolk website has a huge amount of useful information too.

Doggy Rules

At all of the properties we ask that you clean up after your dogs - both inside and out.

If you do want your dogs to curl up with you on furniture then please use the throws/towels. Each property has its own requests about dogs upstairs/in the bedrooms - please do respect these.

Leaving your dog(s) alone in the properties - we would prefer this is only done if you are confident that your dog will settle if left alone in a strange place or they are happy in crates. If you know they can be destructive or reactive when they are left alone, or they suffer from separation anxiety, please do not leave them unsupervised for any period. It’s just not fair on your dog (or on us if they cause damage!) There is room in most of the properties for dog crates if you use them. In the unlikely event of your dog(s) causing any damage, this will be taken from your damage deposit (see conditions).

End of doggy rules!! We are confident that our guests are responsible dog owners and considerate human beings and will look after our properties. This has certainly been our experience and we see no reason to provide a long list of rules.

And finally....if you get home and find you have some lovely photos of your dog(s) enjoying their holiday we would love to see them and have a copy for our gallery!