5 Reasons to Book a Dog Friendly Holiday in Norfolk

5 Reasons to book a Norfolk Winter break

We think there are LOADS of reasons to book a winter break, but here are the top 5 we think you should think about getting away in the cooler months.


One of the most amazing things to be able to see at this time of the year are the Grey Seals in their pupping season - an incredible sight, watching 100s of seal on the beaches with their babies.  Find out more on our blog about what you can see, when and where: Norfolk Seals

Empty Beaches

Norfolk offers 90 miles of joined up beaches which are pretty quiet all year round, but in winter it's not unusual to have the beach to yourself! Winter also means you don't have to get up early to see an amazing sunrise, or stay up late to get a fantastic sunset.

Log burners of course

Is there anything better after a crisp winter walk than to pop into a local pub or go back to your cottage and enjoy the roaring fire - I bet your dogs would love it!

The weather

Norfolk is pretty amazing at this time of the year, boasting much better and steadier weather than the rest of the UK, and even the squalls blow over quickly.

Christmas Markets!

There are a huge amount to choose from over the next few months, from traditional to Christmas Food Festivals, Vegan Festivals and more, take your pick! Grab yourself some fantastic local produce, or top up on Christmas presents. Norfolk Christmas Markets 

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