Dogs galore on an ERC photoshoot


What better way to show off a dog friendly cottage than to have photos of dogs in the cottages....oh....wait..... 

You may already know that Kerry, who works on the ERC social media, also happens to be a professional dog photographer. She realised recently that although we have gorgeous images of the inside and outside of our cottages - we didn't actually have any high quality ones of dogs in them!

That needed to be rectified, pronto! Oh what a hardship to go round all the cottages with some lovely dogs, the things we have to do!

Kerry stayed at one of our newer properties, Dormy and as you can see, her whippets made themselves right at home! Dormy is a super short walk to Cart Gap Beach which meant that she could stroll along the beach to some of the dog friendly pubs, view the Happisburgh lighthouse and visit the lovely Smallsticks Cafe!

Kerry got to see Happisburgh Lighthouse at sunset.

A whirlwind Norfolk tour

Friday morning we whizzed to Winterton to photograph Hidden Gem and Ruby Gem, then headed over to Hickling to visit Red Roofs where the whippets explored the huge garden, and The Birches.  Then back over to Thatch Cottage in Lessingham and Manor Barn in Happisburgh before back to Dormy! What a way to spend a morning - flying round the Norfolk coast on a gorgeous day, pointing out all the dog friendly places and amazing walks. Sometimes when you live Norfolk, you forget how amazing it is until you describe it to someone new.

Top Dog Models Galore!

Saturday was just as busy, we headed to Rose Cottage and Seaview which are right on the coast at Walcott, before heading into East Ruston to do Bristow's Barn, The Lodge and Vineyard Cottage and then The Farmhouse.  We needed a quick stop at the Happisburgh village shop for some quite frankly amazing sweet and salty seaweed crackers and drink before a final shoot at White Cottage in Happisburgh. We had some fantastic dog models over the weekend, it was pure heaven!  Georgie's gorgeous little spaniel Penny and enormous Great Dane Polly came for the Winterton shoots. Our friend Penel's English Setter Hobson (who has his own Facebook page - The Daily Hobson!) starred at several of the properties, along with his setter friend Elmo and Labrador Birdie.   At Vineyard Cottage the owners' two terriers Rosie & Gertie featured, and at Brian's Cottage the happy beagles, Polly, Beth and Minnie caused uproar!   The sweet Bear modelled beautifully at Manor Barn and Kerry's two expert whippets, Bertie and Shadow, filled all the other modelling roles!

Gardens, kitchens, bedrooms - all dog friendly!

The great thing about doing a dog photoshoot at our cottages is that we didn't have to worry about where the dogs went - if there were blankets or throws provided, we used them, but mostly the dogs just pottered around and did their own thing. We know that there's nothing worse than booking a 'dog friendly' holiday cottage only to arrive to a laminated list of dog rules.

A certain someone also had some time in front of the camera - it was about time to get some updated profile shots! Adorned with the ERC logo, the ever present Barking Bags accessories and a couple of Tangle Mission leads (more about these below), there was some strutting of stuff (mostly by Ernie & Mabel), along the catwalk of Cart Gap beach.

Who needs a cat walk when you have a dog walk!


We did a giveaway with these Tangle Mission leads last year and you loved them! They are a startup company and because East Ruston Cottages are close to the sea, the fact that the leads were made out of recycled fishing nets meant we really wanted to support their cause.  When you find out that 640,000 tonnes of these nets are discarded or lost every year, entangling and killing wildlife, you want to do whatever you can to raise awareness and help. If you'd like to do your bit & grab a gorgeous lead in the process, they have very kindly given us 20% off until the end of February 2023 - pop in the code EASTRUSTON20 and feel very pleased with yourself that you are doing your bit to help save the planet. Make sure you give them a follow on Instagram too!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Instagram for more photos and behind the scenes of the shoot 🐾