Celebrating our Suppliers – Nero’s Kitchen

Dog Biscuits for Charity

Today is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and if there was ever there was a dog biscuit to appreciate, it's the ones coming out of Nero's Kitchen! You may have heard Nero's Kitchen talked about on our social pages as they are frequently included in our guest gift baskets, and they have become a bit of a cult name with the East Ruston Cottages guests!

Nero's Kitchen is all about giving back

What you may not know though is it's not a business for the lovely Jan who's behind Nero's Kitchen, she does it in her spare time so that she can donates all the profits to Elpida Shelter of Hope - and you honestly wont believe how much she's raised for charity so far! Keep reading!


A few words from Jan....

I started making a few biscuits for my own dogs and sold some at a fete when I was helping run a stall for Greek Animal Rescue, after I adopted a dog through them, this was when I was in Surrey so about 14 years ago.

Having stayed at one of Sue’s original properties, to avoid the November fireworks in Surrey, I fell in love with the area and subsequently moved to Happisburgh. I thought it a possibility that I could sell some biscuits outside my house so gave it a go with money raised going to 2 local rescues, Sue also started taking the biscuits for her properties so as ERC has grown so has Nero’s Kitchen.

I stumbled across Elpida Shelter of Hope on Facebook around June 2012, they were desperate to clear a vet bill so I helped them with that and followed them. I started to send money regularly from my biscuit sales and eventually in 2015 they became the sole beneficiary. I am now one of the admin team at Elpida who are still constantly desperate for money. The Shelter is in Levidia, Greece, it is run by a lovely lady who also has a full time job and a child.

There is currently a helper at the shelter but this is not always the case. There are 60 dogs there all needing food and veterinary care, blood tests, flea and tick treatment etc. so the bills are a struggle every month and Nero’s Kitchen’s contribution has become vitally important. To date Nero’s Kitchen has raised a massive £58,364.77 overall £55,202.32 of which has gone to Elpida.

Want to help out?

I'm sure Jan would be delighted to have an order ready for you when you arrive at your East Ruston Cottages holiday, you can send her a message on her Facebook page and we can either arrange delivery, or instead, you can have the full experience and pop over to 'The Hut' and pop some money in the honesty box and pick up a bag or two from there! Otherwise, you can always donate directly to Elpida Shelter Rescue here : Donate to Elpida