Remembering our Rainbow Bridge Dogs

Ted the Romanian Rescue Dog

Sue, Owner of East Ruston Cottages - I want to remember our dear sweet little rescue dog Ted, who we lost in 2022.  He came from Romania, even though I had never taken on foreign rescues before that (too many in the UK needing our support) but he totally won our hearts.  We got to know about him via Penel who owned White Cottage who shared a link on Facebook and I was smitten by him from that day!

He had a few very, very happy and joyful months, introducing him to the beach and walks and good food and a good life generally. He like to sit right in the middle of us playing cards on the sofa, getting involved in anything we did. He became great friends with my old lurcher, Sonny and was adored by both of us.

He was so easy with other dogs and a joy to have around but a few months after he joined us, he started having problems with breathing and we eventually discovered he had a ruptured diaphragm.  It had been like that for some time apparently (almost certainly due to something that happened in his life as a stray in Romania) and all his internal organs had moved around and started to attach to the wrong parts of his body/other organs.  He must have been in so much discomfort for so long but you would never have known, until it all got too much for him.

Our vets in Stalham were truly amazing and really pulled out all the stops to do a special and complex operation but sadly lost him on the table;  when they tried to detach his liver, he bled out.  They brought him back 3 times but the fourth was just too much.  I remember the 'phone call from Hilary that day as if it was yesterday.  My partner, Roger, isn't given to tears but we both shed plenty that day.  The rescue were amazing and supportive (Freedom Angels Romania) and we did an ERC fundraiser which they shared to raise funds to cover the op.  They then found us our lovely Ernie a few months later.  Ted really was a very special, very sweet, and very brave boy.

Gracie, January 2008 - May 2021

Laura and Peter, owners of Hidden Gem in Winterton on Sea: Gracie (also known as Grace or Boo and responded to all her aka names), came into our lives in March 2008, actually on Mothers Day!  We stumbled upon the breed at Crufts in 2007 and fell in love with the Basset Fauve de Bretange.  We had a Golden Retriever, Megan back at home and we decided she needed a companion, so in March 2008 Gracie arrived at our home and they became life long companions until we had to say goodbye to Meg in 2013.

Gracie was the most loving, caring, stubborn, mischievous pup we had ever had.  She would get her nose into everything, being a scenting hound she would find her way into cupboards, hand-bags and pockets - nothing was sacred, in-fact we are still trying to find the odd sock still missing even til the very end she would find something to take to bed.  Each year she would help herself to gifts under the Xmas tree, food shopping was something of a task with Gracie helping to remove items from the bags before I could put them away, the funniest was the pizza that I could see from the corner of my eye disappearing into the hallway with poor Megan looking mortified at me.

She loved the sun and would lay out in style, usually on my sun bed or our towels, she loved to explore everywhere and everything, beaches, woods, parks, boat trips, rivers and was so happy on her holidays in Norfolk and France.

Sadly Gracie lost her sight in March 2017 from a very rare condition called SARDS and almost over night her life and ours changed.  Being the most determined breed she coped with this very well.  At first we were so worried for her but her newest companion Bella another Golden Retriever helped her along the way.  Gracie coped so well and we couldn't be more proud, she lived life as best she could and was the most loving and affectionate dog.  Due to deterioration of her health she was suddenly rushed into the vets last May where we had to say our goodbyes, we held her in our arms 'til the very end, she could feel and hear us.

Gracie loved:   Life and everyone she met.

Gracie hated:  Being Groomed or wearing any dog coat.

Gracie was " Our Amazing Grace" and we miss her every single day.

Clyde Montgomery, 31 October 2008 - 18 August 2022

Louise, Victoria Cottage (Victoria Cottage sadly left us in August 2023) - Calvenace Burdoch Muldoon aka Clydo, Mr Clyde, Clydie , Big Clyde, Wolf Boy, Big Boy

For almost 14 years we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with 45kg of Italian greatness. 14 years ago,  for  the first time in our lives, we had 2 puppies together  Clyde and Mavis. Never recommended, but we’d already had 2 Spinoni at this stage, so knew the breed. John and I were lucky enough to be able to have  one each, separate crates and the time to invest in two puppies. Their breeders warn all owners that Spinoni are food thieves of the highest order. Clyde took this part of his job description particularly seriously. Any trades working in the house were warned of the dangers involved in leaving food in bags and pockets. Clyde stole many lunches, even off a plate whilst you were eating. He also ripped many, many pockets out of jackets in search of one final crumb we might have forgotten to give him. If you’ve ever eaten with us, there is a very high chance that Clyde had stuck his face into your food during preparation. Stealing knives from the sink was his other joy and he would hide them down the back of the sofa (for later)

Swimming, however, was one of his special talents and he delighted in big swims off the coast of Pembrokeshire, the Norfolk Broads and the Norfolk coast. He was over the moon when we moved to the Norfolk coast almost ten years ago. Piling them all into the back of an old defender was a daily trip. Barking all the way, they tore down the beaches, loving every moment. What a sight - 4 Italian Spinoni galloping  towards you. Is he a wolfhound people would ask as he checked any groups for signs of a picnic and if they had a windbreak or jacket on, he might just cock his leg………

His swimming, however, reached new heights when he swam out after some gulls. That day, Happisburgh lifeboat was launched and unflustered Clyde had a lovely trip in the lifeboat and his photo all over the local press and BBC news. To pay back this outrageous behaviour, John and I joined Happisburgh Coastwatch as volunteers and Clyde, well he became their mascot…….

He loved his family and used to emit the most delicious deep chocolatey growl when he was happy - his happy growl. For the last year he decided that our bed was preferable to the sofa, so he’s been sleeping with us. Listening to his gentle snoring and farting in the middle of the night and stroking his wiry coat are memories that I’ll treasure forever

Sadly we lost beautiful Mavis to cancer aged just 8, but her brother continued his life for them both. The word legend is so often overused, but I really think Clyde has earned this title. Right turn Clyde - swim freely, run wildly.


Langley - Jan 2014 - March 2023

Caroline, owner of Swallowdale and Farthing Cottage - This year has been so sad and we have lost 2 of our dogs. Langley joined our family as a 5 month old puppy all the way from Vancouver in Canada.

He was the sweetest big ball of fluff who was super friendly and very cuddly!

He visited Norfolk at least 20 times and enjoyed nothing more than a stroll along Mundesley beach with the wind in his hair. He loved the water too but we always kept him on a lead worried he would try and swim out to save a swimmer!

Everywhere we went in Norfolk people would stop us to chat or to ask to stroke him. On our last visit with him we were stopped in Wroxham by a man who had lost his Newfoundland and crossed the road just to be able to cuddle ours.  We are now the same and cannot pass one by without a hug!

We also lost our darling Otterhound Faith in July just shy of 14. She is also greatly missed but had a wonderful long life.

We hope to welcome a baby Newfoundland to our family again at the end of the year as our house isn’t the same without one…

Thank you for reading and remembering our gorgeous Rainbow Bridge Dogs - they will always be with us.