Which of our Norfolk cottages are XL Bully friendly?

Where can you stay with your XL Bully?

In an ideal world we would welcome you all to all properties but with rules, regulations, insurance and owner anxieties to some extent, we have to recognise that there are limitations. Our owners are all very sympathetic to the owners of the dogs that are affected; it is a very difficult situation and as most of them have their own dogs they can really appreciate how difficult it is having to abide by a whole net set of limiting rules, muzzle training and the general stress and expense of it all.

Over the last month we have been working on establishing which of our cottages and houses are going to be the most secure and suitable for XL Bullies (and any dogs coming under that category).

Photo: Ivana Knott - Big Bear

As you know, all of our cottages have enclosed outside areas, some deemed very secure for many dogs BUT they are not all going to be suitable and some have insurance restrictions.

The ones we have identified have have high solid fencing (5ft+) and if they have external gates, these are also high, solid and are lockable from the inside so no one can access the garden from outside.  We cannot (and never would) guarantee that they are 100% secure for all dogs but they are well fenced and not accessible from the outside.

Farthing Cottage

Sleeps 4 / welcomes unlimited dogs


Sleeps 4 / welcomes 4 dogs (flexible)

The Crib

Sleeps 5 / welcomes unlimited dogs

White Cottage

Sleeps 5 + trundle bed / welcomes 6 dogs (flexible)

Woodpecker Lodge

Sleeps 6 / welcomes 4 dogs (flexible)

Wag-tail Cottage

Sleeps up to 6 / welcomes 4 dogs (flexible)

The Farmhouse

Sleeps 8 / welcomes 4 dogs (flexible)

We have been advised by our professional body (PASC) that we will need to see the Exemption Certificate and Insurance document (or in the case of Dogs Trust insurance, the policy number) but will ask for this when you book.  They can be supplied by email or the actual document, whichever works best for you. 

NOTE: As with all of our properties, always, there is never any charge for dogs.

A huge thank you to our Facebook followers who have sent in photos of their own XL bullies for the blog - I had a hard time choosing which ones to put in, but I tried to get a nice selection to show the different sides of the breed 😍

Photo: Tab Sky