Get away from fireworks with your dog in Norfolk

The most stressful time of year

If you have a dog, you probably fall into two camps - you have a dog who doesn't bat an eyelid at fireworks, or you are one of the unfortunate owners who dreads the end of the year because your dog is terrified of fireworks.

I have done an ongoing poll in the East Ruston Cottages Chat group on Facebook and at the time of writing this post, a whopping 54% of 375 people had either gone away to get away from fireworks, or they hadn't but wished they had, 12% hadn't thought about getting away, and 34% had dogs who weren't worried by fireworks. It makes me so sad to think of how many dogs suffer, and not just on the actual bonfire night - it's an even more stressful time if the 5th November sits midweek as that usually means a whole week of trying to prepare yourself, and your dog for the inevitable.

Last week I did a spotlight on each of the East Ruston Cottages which are the least likely to have fireworks nearby - I asked if it would be useful in a blog post and the answer was a resounding YES!

As well as going away, we have a blog from an expert dog trainer on how to keep your dog calm. I'd just like to add to her expert advice, a supplement that has been recommended many times over which is Dorwest Herbs Scullcap & Valerian - it's recommended you start this at least a month in advance. Click HERE to read the blog post.

Our Firework Free Properties

A lot of our properties are very rural, although we can never 100% guarantee that there wont be any in the distance, I have highlighted some of the quieter locations and asked our cottage owners and guests about previous years, and these are the properties which are your best bet for escaping fireworks.


Owner Tracey said "Haven't see any yet" (With fields at the back and front of the house, that isn't too surprising!)

Sleeps 4 | 3 dogs (flex) | Single Storey | Popular Happisburgh location.

The Farmhouse

Owner Tim said "Maybe some a few miles away, but no real noise locally."

Sleeps 8 | 4 Dogs (Flexible) | Reactive dog friendly | Games Room & Library so lots to keep the family occupied | High fences & secure garden

Sand Drift

Located in a quiet and old fashioned little seaside hamlet of Eccles on Sea on an unmade road, as far from the hustle and bustle of daily life as you can get!

Surrounded by a 6ft fence in the back garden it's perfect for escape artists too.

Sleeps 5 | 4 Dogs (Flexible) | Beach a few minutes walk

The Grove   

Detached single storey property in very quiet rural village.  Surrounded by fields. Our guests said "We have had a very relaxing 2 weeks without the stress of fireworks Вuzz and Оzzy the Whippets were very relaxed and enjoyed the log burner!"

Sleeps 4 | 4 Dogs | Secure garden | Easy rural walks from the door.


One of our guests stayed at Fenside and said "We took our 8 pack to get away from bonfire and fireworks weekend. This place is amazing and was perfect for us!"

Kids can enjoy proper outside safe play, the table tennis table, basket ball, footballs and goals, sunken trampoline and Wendy house!

Sleeps 10 | Unlimited Dogs | HUGE garden | Nature haven, no light pollution.

Manor Barn

A 450 year old thatched barn, beautifully renovated and very well designed with the comfort of both humans and dogs in mind. It is surrounded by livestock free open countryside.

Sleeps 6 | Unlimited Dogs | Reactive Dog Friendly | Secure Garden

Spinney Lodge

Located on the outskirts of the quiet and dog friendly Norfolk Broads village of Hickling. The surrounding area is very quiet and is mostly fields and a scattering of houses.

Sleeps 6 | 6 Dogs (flex) | Reactive Dog Friendly | Amazing gardens & woodland | Nature lovers dream

Thatch Cottage

Very rural, only one attached neighbour and fields on all the other sides. Miles of lovely quiet country tracks and not seeing another soul.
Sleeps 8 | 4 Dogs (flex) | Reactive dog friendly | Lots of rooms to spread out in so perfect for a family getaway.

Red Roofs

Fantastic detached family home. Red Roofs is on a private road with fields at the back and you step away from the front garden to view the gorgeous Norfolk Broads. Very peaceful location.

Sleeps 8 | 8 Dogs | Reactive dog friendly | View of the Norfolk Broads from the front rooms | Great for nature lovers

The Lobster    

A gorgeous coastal property with very little in the way of neighbours and lots of wilderness/dunes surrounding it.

Sleeps 4 | 4 Dogs | Secure garden | Just a few steps to a secluded dog friendly beach.

The Walnut   

On its own site with the owners as neighbours.  Very quiet rural area of a very quiet coastal village.  Surrounded by fields.

Sleeps 4 | 4 Dogs | Secure courtyard and shared exercise paddock | Easy rural walks from the door.

The Peanut and Bumblebee Cottage

Both on the same site as The Walnut so benefit from the same quiet location!

Both Sleep 2 | 3 dogs | Small secure courtyard and shared exercise paddock.


Book in advance

A lot of our guests have cottoned on to the joy of getting away from fireworks, so you may find a lot of the cottages are booked up well in advance, particularly around bonfire night so your best bet if you like the look of a property is to book sooner rather than later!

If you sign up for our mailing list, you get an exclusive discount, and there are many payment options too - if you have any questions, just drop me an email to